Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oooh Baby!

This morning, the scale told me something. No, it didn't yell " GET OFF OF ME, YOU FAT LADY!"

It very quietly and demurely said 168 / 169. I am fairly sure that it said 168 when I was standing straight. Bent over, it said 169. Its not my " official weigh in " day, but its pretty darn exciting!

Obviously, as this was my goal by June 7, I will have to choose a new goal. My new goal is 165. To accomplish this, I am going to try to drop a point because I've dropped a weight class. Perfectly reasonable, I assure you. After June 7, my goal will be 158 ( 10% ) by July 1.

I am finding its not terribly hard right now to stick to my points... I gave myself 30 instead of 29, and I have an extra 35 points to sprinkle here and there as I see fit. I don't actually use them, but I do not kick myself for going a few points over for the day as I often do. I also would be earning active points, but I haven't used those either.

The kids are doing great. I won't go into details about the GI visit, but it went well.

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