Monday, May 26, 2008


Our official move date is May 29.

Alex is gone till May 28.

I'm mooooving, and the piles of stuff in the new apartment is growing exponentially. The coffee tables, the contents of the pantry, piles of fabric and toys... its already there. My goal is to have almost all the little stuff moved by the time Alex gets back so that we can *really* concentrate on moving the big stuff when Thursday rolls around. We've got a hydraulic dolly, which will make moving the TV a heck of a lot easier. I guess the biggest issue right now is the dresser. And that sucker is HEAVY. I hope the four of us ( Alex, myself, Boris, and Uncle Mikey ) can move it without damaging anything.

There is lots of stuff I *could* move, but that I probably won't : the dining room table ( because we won't have anything to eat on, the dining room chairs, the living room chair, the upstairs nightstands, robby's bed, pieces of M's crib, etc. Things I hope to move today : towels, clothes, extra dishes, closet contents, the remainer of the toys, plastic dressers. Possibilities : boxes from storage.

Mila seems to be eating a touch better on the Motilium. At least, she did for two days and the last two days, not so much. We'll take what we can get though and not complain. She still won't take her meds by mouth ( a requirement for being tubey free ) so we haven't made any progress there. She will eat cheese all by herself. She growls for granola bars, and likes spicy rice. Hummus is a lickable, as is ketchup. She will munch on turkey but its losing her interest now.

Robby is a huge help. I'll have to grab some pictures of him moving things. Oh, and he discovered a life size Aurora ( sleeping beauty ) disney doll and heck if he hasn't taken to callling it his wife. " Mommy, can my wife sleep in my bed? " Sure honey. " Mommy, can my wife help us move? " Um... I'm not sure her arms are made for that. She's a delicate thing. Why don't you lay her down for a rest? "Mom can I take my wife to the grocery store? " I think thats enough, Robby. Put the dolly down. " Mommy she is my WIFE and she goes where *I* go! "

I am so in for it now.

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