Thursday, May 15, 2008

He Said, She Said, and What They Ate

Summer is coming.

There are bitty green leaves on the trees. Someone was planting flowers, delicate droopy drips of color against the mottled green and tan grass. There has been no snow.

In preparation for summer, its time to start logging those points again. While I " technically " have just 26 points, I'm giving myself 30 to start with. And I didn't do too badly yesterday!

Coffee - 4 points
Raisin Bran - 3
1/4 cup Milk - .5
2 Tb Hummus - 2
4 Melba Toast - 1
Tuna - 1
Mayo- .5
Special K bar - 2
Beef & Broc - 4
Rice - 4
Cookie - 3
Cookies - 2
PB&J - 5
Total - 30

I was pretty hungry at night or I might have stopped at 25. I will try to stay under 30 today, though I'm not killing myself over it.

Last night, we put M back on the Zantac. I have to have a peek at the bottle and see if I should pick her up a new RX and a fresh bottle. I can't wait to see what she weighs today! Her night last night was exactly the same, though she was slightly easier to soothe than normal. Oh... wait... thats because I was done and dumped her in my bed. Oops!

A call to the GI yesterday did NOTHING. We are moving M back to daytime feeds to see if that helps the cough. Mila barely coughed at all this morning, though she did wake up pretty darn wet. So much for no reflux.... Oh wait... she doesn't have reflux. I must be imagining it! Dammnit, I imagine the STRANGEST things!

I can't wait to have Robby in daycamp. He had a blast at the park yesterday, so we might go again this afternoon, and almost surely will go tomorrow. If I make it over to WallyWorld today to get M and I bathing suits, I might take him swimming too. Its supposed to be over +20 today!!! YAY for being warm! I think I even got color yesterday walking to the park. ( Thanks Kristin for dragging meout of the house, I NEEDED that!!! )

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