Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sewing & Cardiac Updates

I've officially sewn two dresses for M for this summer. As she gets older, I can rip the straps out and make them into tops for her ! I am really, really totally stoked about them! The first is a cosmic purple ( oh how I love her in purple ), shirred with elastic thread, with decorative stitched straps. It looks SOOOO cute on her! I will try to update with action shots tomorrow. If the weather holds, she may wear it with tights & a tshirt.

The second is exactly the same style ( so easy, so fast! Perfect for night projects.. ). The fabric is a black background with rectangles in a few different colors. Rather than make just plain straps, I braided ribbon and used the braids as straps. Also, very very cute!
On the medical front, I recieved a call from cardiology that M's angiogram would be this thursday, and that Wednesday, we would need to come in for a few hours for a pre-op pre-admin clinic. I am not looking forward to it - I expect her to have blood drawn, be checked out by a nurse, probably an EKG and / or an echo, plus blood pressures, etc. We will also learn the time of the angiogram itself - sometime after 6am Thursday. If all could spare a prayer, we'd appreciate it!

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