Saturday, May 31, 2008

Move is allllllll done! And organizing!

Now to unpack.

A super huge thank you to Kristin, who came over to help me clean last night. Who the heck wants to clean bathrooms? But that's exactly what she did. Toilet brush in hand, blue ducky pjs, Kristin conquered the bathroom in record time. So... thanks. You rock!

Most of you know I do the flylady thing ( ) but I do it my own way. One of the biggest issues I have is really silly. Things don't have a home. My mom figured out ( at the old place ) to use the microwave ( which was broken and of which we had two ) to store tupperware, sippy cups, etc. Duh. Why did I think of that? It drives me bonkers when the pantry is stuffed but I can't find anything because its all stacked on top of each other. I found two bottles of relish... waaaaaaaaaaay back. How'd I find them? By shoving a third bottle back there. ( Ooops! )

My goal now is to start organizing things so that people can find them even if they aren't 100% familiar with the house. Keep watching for baskets galore!


GRANDPA said...

And nowyou can use the empty broken dishwasher for storage too!


Sarah said...

The broken dishwasher is taped shut. Part of what s broken is the latch!