Monday, June 23, 2008

Pardon me while I have a moment....


There. I think I feel better now.


The house is a wreck. The dishes are piling up. Parts of the carpet are rather crunky with formula spots that I did not notice in time to wipe before they harded into vaguely off smelling invisible spots. I have a damp sock from water that was spilled on the carpet that I noticed, and opted not clean up because I was elbow deep in an exploded diaper. I haven't been able to sew in days. Mila's new wake up at 9:00 streak has ended with a 5:55am wakeup this morning. The car needs to be cleaned out before coffee cups and juice boxes decide to drive themselves off for a refill. There is laundry liberally sprinkled all over the bedroom,a nd there is a deliciously thick coating of toys on every available surface.

(&#$#(&!! ( Maybe I wasn't done, after all )

I unloaded the dishwasher at 6am, and it is now 8:15. Only one child is awake and the only thing I have been able to load INTO the empty dishwasher is a single fork. I have, however, drank 1/2 a pot of coffee in a single cup, recieved several baby kisses, and admired the extremely sunny and not terribly hot day.

What happened to my lovely schedule? What happened to working in 15 minutes, with a house that was passable if not always perfectly sparkling? The cessation of the nap ended my tirade against clutter with a resounding BANG. It its darn near impossible to clean up this house with the kids awake and running around. Mila delights in helping me unload the dishwasher, whether or not the dishwasher actually harbors the ever elusive clean dishes or not.

Oh, and the leaky pipe under the sink? The one that came with a bucket when we moved in?? It did not leak when the repair guy was here. The leaky bathtub and shower, however, was deemed to be unfixable and will require total replacement. As well as the sink itself, which leakes from the knobs the moment it is turned on. This is now TWO leaky sinks we've had in this building so far. It is a darn good thing that I have acquired a collection of 50 or so dishcloths that are perfect for folding up next to the offending sink knobs to mop up the wet before it ruins anything on the counter.

And just as an aside, WTF is up with our toilet running constantly all night? I got up and jiggled it as only the best jiggler can do... It quieted, and I climbed back into my bed, snuggled down and listened to the silence. After an hour, it was running again. NOT FUNNY.

Oh, and my son the cutest kid in the world? Had a major malfunction and I threw out an offending toy. He sobbed himself to sleep in the middle of our chat last night. I will not accept bargaining and arguing anymore. Camp cannot start fast enough. I am hoping that if I wake Mila at 6:00 every morning, and have Robby at camp by 7:30 for precare, and Mila takes a nap that maybe, just maybe, maybe maybe maybe I can clean up the house before it is condemned.

One last thing, to the Indonesian group celebrating at the park on Saturday. While I did not begrudge the fact that you were using all the tables, and I was willing to accept the fact that your group kept getting closer and closer to us, taking up the ENTIRE shaded area... I was not thrilled with the nasty looks we kept getting as your group expanded and it was determined that my 4" by 3" blanket was in the way of your party. It was NOT necessary to set up your PROPANE GRILL a mere THREE INCHES from my blanket. Nor was it necessary to allow your kids to throw sticks at the hapless squirrel chittering above my head, thereby raining sticks down upon my kids and I as we attempted to eat our lunch. I hope you understood when I snatched my blanket away from the burning grill and moved down to the bug infested patch of dirt that was the only area you hadn't invaded yet.

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Big Fishy said...

How about getting your friend to come over and help or is she too busy moving? What about a few hours of respite care? Regardless, things will get better. Robby will be occupied for several hours each day and the weather will stay warm enough to be outside.

Call if you need to vent more. - MOM