Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet the New Addition!

Meet Dee-Dee! Dee is a 1 year old piebald mini doxie! She's the sweetest thing ever and she's a perfectly peachy girl. She whines and barks only when left alone, doesn't have accidents, and sleeps under the covers.


GRANDPA said...

Dachsunds often have back issues. If possible, you should carry her up and down the stairs. It will avoid pain, vet bills and medication. They are very into sitting up on their butts and balancing themselves with their tails. I don't know whether this is good or bad for their backs, but they all do it. Dachsund heaven is burrowed beneath a blanket with a bowl of chocolate ice cream at her nose. She's unbelievable cute.

Chip and Skip said...

Are you out of your mind?! Like you don't have enough things going on that you bring a dog into the mix? Good Grief woman. I need to fly up there and smack some sense into you. What drugs were YOU on when you agreed to a dog?