Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wellllll... huh.

We had company last night and they had a sleepover. It was tonnes of fun! I've let themknow they are welcome anytime - we never got the the scrabble game we've been looking forward too... we are so lame that scrabble is fun for us. Who woulda though ten years ago that scrabble would be one of my favorite things to do?

Tonight, we had the inlaws over for dinner. Much fun and good food was had by all. ( Next time, I will add more salt to the chicken. I don't know why it was so bland tonight. The rice, on the other hand, was perfect. For once. ) After dinner, an expensive fruit and custard tart was brought out. Since it was covered in strawberries, I declined to eat it, and grabbed a 100 calorie pack of cookies instead.

My mother in law asked for one. Robby asked for one. Mila asked for one. Robby asked for another. So did Mila. Robby grabbed a handful. Well then, fine. Every time I went to take a bite, either Robby or Mila demanded to have it! I think I got two tiny cookies out of the whole bag. I told my MIL that I would call it 50 calories instead. Just then Robby came over and took the last one!

Fine. I took a 1 point chocolate stick. First Robby demanded a piece, much to everyone's delight. Then Mila demanded a piece ( which she thoroughly enjoyed... ). I got one tiny bite of that. Everyone was rolling on the floor. Poor me! I finished my coffee and decided they were trying to tell me I wasn't staying OP. ( Sausage and fries for lunch! Pancakes for breakfast! I can't imagine why I'm not OP. )

Everything else is status. The house is looking great, so its likely I'll be taking pictures of that soon!!! Oh, and I need two pretty baskets for my bathroom counter. MORE BASKETS!

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Michelle said...

lol, so funny Sarah! It reminds me of this quote I read in "Chicken Soup for the mother and daughter Soul". It said something like: "A mother is someone who, upon realizing there are only 5 slices of pie for 6 people, promptly announces she never did care for pie". And I LOVE scrabble. Mike won't play with me because I'm too "scrabfabulous!!" lol