Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rundown on the Baskets

Meep, you are *so* right. I am a basketcase. And that's okay.

The first shot is the pantry. Two baskets and a cardboard tray. Its helpful to be able to flip things around to find in a slightly too deep & tall pantry.

The shoe basket is fairly obvious.

Mila's baskets are green with a purple ribbon. They will also have purple liners when I get around to making them.

I need some new makeup and a new way to store it. The pink basket holds our toothbrushes & toothpaste.

Robby not only has multi colored baskets ( they go on sale every year at Stupid Store for a dollar. This year again I will be stocking up ) but he has a white Ikea hanging thing. Obviously... it needs more baskets in it to corral things appropriately.

On top of the entertainment center is a portable diaper changing station. The only thing it really needs is a changing mat for those really nasty diapers. Already in there : diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and spray diaper cream. If you don't have spray diaper cream... get some!

Toy bins and block baskets. Easy to corrall the toys that *must* stay downstairs. I'd love to have no toys downstairs, but its not exactly possible. Alright... its not possible *at all*. So... once or twice a day, I scoop everything into the bins and I feel better about it.

The tiny white baskets hold syringes usually. We are a bit out of syringes at the moment - they are all sitting in a bowl in the sink waiting to be washed. That's on my to do list today.

On top of the microwave are two green baskets. One holds Robby's reusable juice boxes and the lids & straws. The other holds Mila's bottles & sippy cups, with a smaller basket inside holding rings & silicone nipples. This is my solution for never being able to find the right top for anything. Its working really, really well!!!

And um... I'm going to the dollar store today for more baskets... The wash clothes / towels next to the sink need a basket, and Robby's hanging thingy needs some.

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