Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday, I saw Mila sitting quietly watching TV. No dancing, no squirming... I looked over again and she was out cold, sitting up.

Robby thought she was cute, so he kissed her. Then he changed the channel.

$15 dollars! 1 yard of apron fabric ( black and pink flowers ), 1 yard of stretchy pink stuff, 1 yard of black flannel with glow in the dark bears, 1 yard of chinese print, 3/4 yard sports print, 1 yard of flannel roses & hearts, 1/2 yard fall print, and 3/4 yard of pink flannel plaid.... Plus 4 hanks of elastic and three 6" zippers!

Meet our newest addition to the family! We got tired of lugging huge flats of water up to the apartment, and the extra $3 in eviro fees, and the huge amounts of waste... So we bought a water cooler and reusable bottles.

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