Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GOOD morning!

The sun is shining.

No one is crying ( yet ).

I have grandiose plans for today. I would like to clean the bathroom, do a bit of sewing, mop the floor, return a movie ( National Treasure 2, boring on and off but overall watchable exactly once ), and take a walk with the kiddos.

This morning, I was able to finish the dishes without any interruptions which made me very happy. Its always easier if the whole day starts off without a hitch!

Robby's camp starts MONDAY! HOOOOORAY for camp! I bought him a towel, a spongebob sandwhich holder, and we'll go and get him LOTS of snacks. I'm so excited for him I could bounce! Maybe the house will be clean... MAYBE I COULD SEW!

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