Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just another ordinary day....

Just the regular here.

In the past few days, I've sewn : coffee cozies, purple dragonfly dress, retro with creamy lace ( no pictures yet, the recipient hasn't worn it ), a kimono t shirt ( so cute, pics to come ), and a pink peasant shirt with black stitching. She's wearing that right now. Terribly happy with it, as this is the first one that doesn't look like a potato sack.

Upcoming sewing projects - flannel strap cozies for her carseat, bib & bootie set for a new mama, a coffee cozy to match a baby carrier I made, and ( hopefully ) a few diaper / wipes cases.

Mila continues to do well. The Metoprolol side effects have lessened and she no longer looks like a zombie after taking her meds. She is eating around 500 ml a day - sometimes more, sometimes less. She's currently tubey free since her ports were leaking. I guess today will be a good day to see how she does with her meds orally. Not exactly looking forward to it. Her vaccinations are on Monday at 8:40. We have no other appointments scheduled yet, but the home health nurse will be coming at some point.

Robby is growing up so fast. Compared to other children his age, he's very mature. Even if he's persistently occasionally naughty. He had his camp orientation a day or so ago. What a dismal failure. No one but Robby and his friend Cian showed up! Irregardless, he did meet some of the people who will be his counselors, and I confirmed where and when to bring him ( to the gym at 8:45 ) and what he should pack for lunch ( strictly peanut free ). No lunches can be heated up. I'm thinking cream cheese sandwhiches, tuna crackers, turkey if he'll eat it etc. Snacks will be applesauce, yogurt tubes ( gosh how I love those ), homemade jello, crackers, craisens, etc. Even our granola bars are peanut free.

Nothing much is going on other than that. I'm thrilled right to death to be able to sew so much right now. I'm feeling very relaxed. Very very relaxed.

As I wrote this, both kids attacked the toybins and liberally spread them throughout the house.

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RissaRoo said...

LoL I love reading your blog, you are a terrific writer and have a knack for making your readers smile! I'm so glad that Mila is doing so much better, and that you have had a chance to sew...and to relax!!! You deserve it.