Sunday, August 3, 2008


Pink Ruffled Shirt
This thing was a total PITA to sew, but it washed up the second time really well! The rolled lettuce hems are a bit funky looking, but its still super cute. 3mm rolled hem. One line of shirring around the neck and the arms.

Purple Dip Front Peasant Blouse

This one was a pleasure to sew!! The fabric has a tiny bit of stretch rather than being insanely 4 way stretchy. However, with non stretchy type of fabrics, I have to add ease in so she can get it on and off... So this one is a tiny bit different in that there are 3.5 mm rolled hems, TWO lines of shirring around the arms, two around the neck, and then an additional two across the chest from arm to arm.

I dont' know if ya'll can see the pants... but she wore them

here. <>~ clickable link
That was 10 months ago. Ten months and the pants STILL FIT. I admit that they look a little long in that picture, but MAN... in 10 months, she hasn't changed diaper size yet either! I can't wait to get the gtube in her and see if we can pack on some pudge!

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