Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Meds, New Moods, New Weather

Its cold. I do not like being cold, and being cold makes me cranky, whiny, and unmotivated. Thankfully, my routines have rubbed off on others and the house is NOT a disaster. Even after a rather messy spaghetti dinner last night, we were able to have a guest over for a few hours to play video games. That made me feel really good. I also really really appreciated the few days that Alex loaded the coffee pot for me, and even used the sign to let me know he had done it. I was so, so proud of him. I was doubly proud of Robby when he came downstairs the other day and announced " I made my bed! "... Thank you, little man, you are the best.

M has had a few bottles over the last few days, but very very little oral intake beyond that. She gagged on a muffin, and gagged at the SIGHT of a grape. The pediatrician reallly does feel that she has a food aversion and will be needing some long term care in this area. We've got a referral to a GI who the ped thinks is great - very helpful - and we've also started her on Lactulose for the constipation she's been having lately. I actually had to give her a suppository Friday because she hadn't gone in SIX DAYS. The ped was NOT happy about that.

Robby is just so wonderful, and he's been listening AND eating better. That makes me happy. He's also getting really good at tracing his letters. He hasn't painted in a few days, but he is enjoying his playdough every day. Its so hard for me to believe my first baby is going to be four very very soon .

Nothing much else is going on, so the next post will likely be pictures. Tomorrow, we have the feeding team visit and Alex is coming. Should be interesting!

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CZ said...

"and Alex used the sign to tell me" that the coffee was ready?? As in a paper sign or ASL????? You still working on it???? :)