Sunday, March 30, 2008


M drinking water. She prefers it over juice any day. She does choke really badly on it, so I will mention it to the SLP tomorrow and see if we can arrange for another swallow study to see if she's aspirating it - if its not safe, its not safe.

Mila really enjoys this cabinet. Even though it backs into the chemical cabinet, its safe enough since its right where the computer is. I couldn'te believe it when I found her IN the cabinet!!

Such a CUTE smile!!


Patyrish said...

Awwww she fits right in that cabinet!

Munkeesmama said...

Too cute in the cabinet. Emma has the same issues with water. We're switching insurance and hopefully will get another swallow study as well. I'm sorry to hear about her "failed" trial of eating, but try to think of it positively, she didn't fail. It was a stepping stone in the whole process. One day, our kids will be tube free!