Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mila's Coughing :-(

Mila woke up last night and began to cough. It was bad enough that Alex woke up, terrified that she was choking. We patted her back and she relaxed, although she continues to cough on and off. I'd bet a dollar she's wheezing, too.

This is, practically to the DAY, when Robby began his long journey of illness. Right at 4 months and a bit. I can't tell you how worried this has me... Although I sincerely DOUBT Mila has pneumonia the way Robby did. At least, Robby was still getting breastmilk. Mila is only getting it in small doses at night right now. I will call the pediatrician as soon as they open. ( 8:30? 9:30? 10? Can't remember!!!! )

Alex bought me a sewing machine. I suck. I seriously, sincerely suck. I am soooooo disappointed.

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usaf1971 said...

MOM says - about sewing.

Before you start sewing any clothing, just practice sewing seams in a straight line. Put the presser-foot down so that the fabric to the left of the presser-foot is about 1/2". Practice until you can sew straight, keeping about the same distance from the edges. There is probably some measuring markings on the plate into which the needle goes (I forget what that's called.)

When you've practiced enough, select a Simplicity pattern of something that has no sleeves, zippers or buttons. A jumper type of thing would probably be the easiest. They have patterns for beginners. There is usually an instruction sheet that explains what the markings on the pattern mean.

Choose an easy fabric - 100% cotton or a cotton blend with no stretch. A fabric with a small pattern would be best although solid is OK too.

Pin the pattern onto the fabric. Usually the fabric is folded down the center and the pattern is placed so that one side is on the folded edge. That way, after cutting the other sides of the pattern, you can open up the fabric and it will be equal on both sides.

Do not remove the pattern. Mark the fabric as it is shown (darts, facing hems, gathering lines etc.) I didn't mark seams because I could generally do that by eye as I sewed. Do not remove the pattern.

Read the instructions as to which piece to work on first. That's probably the facing of the neckline. Only remove each pattern piece as you will be working on that piece. Fold the pattern pieces as neatly as you can after using (you may have to redo something.)

Since you are so good at constructing things from instructions, I know with a little practice this will be easy for you eventually.