Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cute Things My Child Has Said

While Robby's vocabulary is literally astounding, his word pronunciation is not so hot sometimes. Here are a few words that, as of yet, he cannot say :

Hospital = Hostipal
Yellow = Lellow
Marmellow = Marshlellow
Gift Certificate = Gift Fertickatick
Granola Bar = Barn Barn
BackPack = PackPack
Differant =Diffent

And, my all time favorite, in russian, which had EVERYONE laughing so hard last night.

I love you ( Ya Tibyah LooBloo ) = Ya Tibyah Yeebloo ( I'm having sex with you)(( in not so nice language ))


usaf1971 said...

this boy has my genes even though he doesn't really

usaf1971 said...