Saturday, July 7, 2007

Things I cannot Find

1. The card reader for the camera / computer connection so that I can download cuteness pictures, of which there are several, including one of Robby smiling that may not be blurry. In fact, he might even be looking at the camera AND smiling. These are hard things to accomplish. Hence, my desperate search for the card reader.

2. Half of my measuring spoon set. Not that I need it since I cannot bake in the oven-that-has-no-temperature-dial-and -only-half-a-knob. After two hour chicken, and brownies that became rocks before cooking through, I determined the oven didn't work. So I haven' exactly SEARCHED for the measuring spoon set.

3. A dress for the August wedding. I looked last night for close to two hours. I wanted something slightly sexy, very fashionable, but not downright Las Vegas whore. Instead, what I found was slightly overweight mom attempting teenage fashion. I didn't buy anything, and I didn't come home and eat crap. Instead, Alex convinced me that I was still beautiful. Thanks. ( Chrystil attempted this also, but it just wasn't the same. Her efforts, however, were GREATLY appreciated ).

4. My BUM jeans. I know they are here somewhere.

5. The bounce static sheets.

On other notes, I did end up running Mila over to the pediatrician and she was wheezing pretty badly. She got an inhaler, aerochamber, and an RX for albuterol - 1 puff every three hours. She's nearly maxed on doses ( I can't increase them ) and she's still wheezing away. Unfortunetly, the wheezing makes it hard for her to bottle, so she's taking even LESS formula ( like 16 ounces ) and then she puked up a whole bottle gagging. Nice touch.

Robby is starting summer camp!!! Starting MONDAY, he'll be going to the Chabad house four hours a day to play with all the little kiddos his own age. The following week, he'll be there from 9-3:30! WHOOHOO! What am I going to do all those hours to myself? ( The answer is sleep. And learn to sew. )

As a clarification on my last post... I said I suck. This was a sentence in a paragraph about sewing. One could reason that if I was staying on topic, I meant I suck at sewing. There is no need to panic. But I still suck at sewing. It could very well be the lack of pattern ( who needs a PATTERN??? ), the lack of talent ( I can sew straight lines... just not sure where they go... ), and the hatred of an iron ( which I bought several months ago but have yet to unpack. Alex wants me to iron his pants today. Eeep. )

I am off to look for #1. There is such CUTENESS youwouldn't believe it.


usaf1971 said...

Which things are lost after the move and which are things you don't have yet that you can't find in stores ???

Big Fishy said...

My display name is now Big Fishy