Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Days!

Hello, cyber readers! All is well ( still ) at Casa De Kagan. We spent the day at the park today... Robby seriously enjoys being outside, though he refuses to let me take some pictures of him with a smile... I have to creep around the playground equipment and shoot blind... he refuses to let me take ANY pictures!

Robby is also back onto the no eating thing again... Its driving me crazy!

I am doing really well on my WW and am already down around 6 lbs! I do have hunger issues in the morning... but I am eating all my points and a lot of healthy food... YAY me!

Mila is four months old today. She's such a cutie. We've been trying to feed her bits of cereal and nanas, pears, or squash... She's not big on the squash, but she does pretty well with the pears.

Here are some pictures from today!

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