Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soo Tired!!

This bath took place before 10 AM. Crazy. Mila got a little.. backed up... from the cereal and had a bit of an explosion :-) After cleaning the couch, I had to bathe her and get her all clean and delicious. It was the first bath with BUBBLES! Isn't she cute?

We are sooo tired today! Yesterday, my good friend Sarah came over with her three kids. Yes, we had five kids here! Three boys! AGH! What was I thinking? Actually.... first, we went to HER house in the morning. In the afternoon, we hit the mall and got her daughters ears pierced. Then she came to my house with her 2843947 kids and we had dinner.

Obviously, we're insane, so we decided to take our 928347937 kids to GALAXYLAND.... On a SATURDAY! What is wrong with us? It was a great time though. We took the kids to see the dragon, but he's off till 6 and it was only 5:30. And we had 2349387 kids! And Robby was REALLY well behaved!
Here are some pictures from today.

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usaf1971 said...

The top left photo on the blog is absolutely the best yet. Great smile, and Mom agrees she looks like Jiminy Cricket.Please note that Jiminy Cricket is extremely handsome.
She also does not look skinny.