Saturday, June 16, 2007

For My Daddy

Dear Dad,

Although we haven't always agreed, and often fought, I have always admired you. You have a wealth of knowledge that astounds me (even though I pretend not to be impressed)... You always seem to know where you are going, what you are going to do when you get there, and the entire historical background.

You also have this incredible ability to get the job done. I've been trying to turn to you for help more... You are reliable, determined, and pushy when you need to be pushy. You can be bullheaded sometimes, but you can also bull your way through obstacles that I just throw my hands up and say " Forget it! ".

I love the fact that you read my blog. I love the fact that you haven't figured out how to post comments yet, so you just email me instead. I know Mom reads it too... but its just extra special when you do, because you used to be so computer illiterate that I had to show you everything... Even though it drove me CRAZY to have to stop and wait for you to write everything down, I also really appreciated that you were able to ask me for help. It made me feel really good that I could teach you something!

I am sure you don't remember this, but when I took my drivers test, you wanted to beat the first instructor for being rude to me. The second time I took it ( and past ) you took me right to the driver's license office even though it was a busy day at the store. I was so proud of me. And you made that extra effort to get me my license right then and there...

A few other incidents stick out in my mind. Shortly after I got my license, you and I got into an argument and I was giving you the silent treatment. I locked my keys in the car, and even though we " weren't speaking to each other ", you still called triple A for me when I needed it. I was so impressed at how easily you forgave my really childish behavior...

Remember when I had my car accident? I was terrified! Yet you drove out to me in the snow. I was so glad you were there.

Even though we still don't always agree, and sometimes I roll my eyes ( quietly ) when you launch into another diatribe about you think I should be doing, I do listen to what you say, and I do consider it. After all, you ARE my daddy. So...

Sarah F.

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usaf1971 said...

Yes,you are correct:I AM always right.
You are in the will.(You have always been in the will.
Thanks For Your Blog
"I'll do it my way"

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