Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Update

Well well, my dear cyber readers, update time has come. I am trying to update fairly frequently, but things are very busy here at Casa de Kagan!

Mila has started a few spoonfuls of cereal or banana once or twice a day. She did super awesome with it this morning, but had a hard time napping due to the level of activity.... and I may or many not give her more tonight. I hadn't planned on starting banana so early, except that she leaned over and took a bite of her brothers a few days ago....

We've brought home an exersaucer for Mila.. and she is absolutely in love with it!! Its remarkably portable, thanks to folding legs, and she loooove to be in there , sometimes as long as 15 minutes at time! Thats a LONG time to be in there for someone who is so little!!! Here are two cute pictures of the beautiful girl herself.

I know... its so cute its disgusting. Look at those blue eyes!!! I took a ton more but they are blurry as she starts to wiggle around. As you can see though, she's holding her head perfectly and sitting nice and straight! She does have a bit of a prop behind her as she slumps a bit since she's so tiny... Once she leans back, she can't sit herself up or reach her toys.
On to the brother... the misbehaving, button pushing, limit testing, line toe-ing Robby. A few days ago, Robby colored the white doorstep with a marker... We explained that markers are for paper, and all that good stuff... and made HIM clean it up. Alex and I really hoped that making HIM clean it up would be the end of it. However, today dawned new and exciting things to color.... two HUGE circles on the white painted wall, his desk, his pants and socks, and lastly, thissssssssss... :

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