Sunday, April 8, 2007

Take a Walk

Last night, Robby scared me pretty bad. He threw up from coughing at nap time, and then started sounding really croupy and was having coughing fits that were turning him purple and lasting a few minutes. I made Alex come home - I didn't know if Robby was going to need to go to the ER or not... but Alex took him to the Medi Center and it turns out that Robby has a bad double ear infection with fluid draining into his throat :-(. I feel so bad for him - I've heard that ear infections hurt mightily! He's on ezythromicin, which I probably mangled in terms of spelling.

Mila continues to have a snotty nose, although she hasn't thrown up again, thank you very much! She does, however continue to scream for several hours each evening. We are working on that though. Tonight, I am going to try giving her a bath when she begins her screaming.

Even though Robby wasn't feeling well yesterday, the weather was so beautiful that we decided to go for a bit of a walk! Apparently, unbeknownst to us previously, there is a paved sidewalk path that runs for over a KM behind our building. I'm so glad that Robby will be getting a bike for his birthday - it looks like a GREAT bike path. We walked from our apartment all the way to the mall, across the street from WEM's entrance to the Fantasyland hotel. I carried Mila in her sling... This thing is a godsend!

Mila is just a tad small for it, but she is able to wear this fuzzy pink thing that Christina and Mike gave us. It was perfect - warm but not so bulky that she wouldn't fit in the sling! Isn't it cute?

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