Saturday, April 7, 2007

Screaming Banshee Baby

First things first :

Sophia is unwell and I am asking for good wishes and prayers for her. It looks like she has the flu.

That being said, things here at Casa de Kagan are good. Alex took me shopping for my birthday yesterday and we bought :

A leather jacket
Black Leather shoes
Black Slacks
Black Dress Shirt
4 Lace trimmed t shirts
2 lace trimmed tank tops
6 pairs of black socks
A mouse for the laptop for scrapbooking

I feel really special in all my new clothes :-)

Robby is doing well although he's coughng. Mila continues to have a stuffy nose and gags occaisionally, spewing milk all over me. Its always on ME. Why can't she puke on Daddy?

Mila also seems to have colic. She screams for several hours at night, generally inconsolable. The witching hours seem to start whenever I say " I am going to bed " and end when I say " The coffee is ready "... so she screams from about 11-2am. The sling is very helpful but there is only so long that I am willing to walk around the house in circles after midnight.

I have resorted to the AP method of calming MYSELF since I cannot calm HER. I say, quietly into her ear " I cannot force you to stop crying, but I can hold you so that you don't cry alone ". And THAT, dear readers, helps the most.

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