Friday, April 13, 2007

We've been BUSY!!!

I'm sorry I'm sorry!!! I haven't posted in forever because - get this - I've been BUSY! YAY for me! Unfortunetly, it was NOT always a "good" busy.

First there was this. Robby went flying after tripping on Mila's

blanket and managed to hit the corner of the leg of the chair that

was pushed against the table - and caught his head. No, thats NOT a scratch - thats a "blood" bruise.. Horrific, isn't it? I was freaking out because he did honestly hit hard enough to warrant concern about a concussion.. and I didn't have the car. ( Here's the caveat with that though.. Alex is TWO MINUTES away. Literally. We timed it! ) If he had thrown up even once, we woulda headed to Emergency to have him checked.

Then we got a call at 9am yesterday that Sophia's mom - the very much adored " Boola " had falled down the stairs and an ambulance had been called. Alex *had* to go to work because of issues that I will explain later. He did, however, pop over to the hospital and reported home to me that Boola was awake and coherent, albeit in extreme, debilitating pain. So far, we know that Boola has broken ribs and several spinal "mini" fractures. Please pray for her as she is elderly and not in great health to begin with.

Here is Boola holding Mila.

We also had Mila and Robby to the Ped for their checkups. Robby is 50% for weight and 50% for height as well, so he is perfectly average. He's a smart cookie as well. He does need to get his eyes checked, so we'll be doing that as well. He weighs 31 lbs and is 37 inches tall.

Mila is a 9 lbs 1 oz. She is in the 20th percentile for weight - they didn't check her height but I assume she's just fine there. She has officially lost all the hair on her head. Dr. Raffi said she has GREAT head control for being 7 weeks old, and she tracks very well with her eyes. The nightly screaming is likely colic or reflux - or both. I continue to carry her in the sling most of the day and part of the night as it seems to comfort her.

I also ordered two new slings!

The first one is a light blue linen with silvery accents embroidered on. I am hoping it softens when washed as it is a touch stiff right now. However, its LOVELY fabric and linen has a great reputation for summer wear as it is very breathable. The sling will have silver rings... I can't wait!!!!
The second will be my " dress " sling. Its a beautiful copper color that shades to black. It has a lighter copper color design on it. I have NO idea what its made out of so it will have to be dry cleaned. I believe it will get black rings. YAYAYAYAY I can't wait to get it!
Other news : There are three people who work with at Alex's gallery. Alex, A, and K. A & K got into an argument and K attacked A. I don't care WHAT was said and I don't care WHO started it, but what kind of immature @$$e$ do you have to be to jump over a counter and STRANGLE a co worker? I don't CARE if he let go right away, who the H3LL does that???? Now Alex has to work 6 days a week instead of 5 AND has to pick up another closing shift. That means we lose another dinner :-(
So needless to say, it has been very busy.

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