Thursday, April 19, 2007

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First off - and most importantly BY FAR - please, please pray for Boola. The physio got her up and walking a few steps today. Shortly after, it was discovered that Boola had a mini heart attack and currently has a blood clot in one of the aorta's. Her blood pressure is 210/100. This is bad. Very very bad. She has been moved to the Cardiac Care Unit and is in VERY serious condition. I don't care who you are or what God you believe in, but please pray that her pain disappears. I won't ask you to pray for her survival or her recovery - while those are my deepest and fondest desires right now, all I am asking is that she find comfort, however that may be. She is an inspiration, having lived through WWII in the Ukraine - a very hard time in history. She lost her husband, and moved with her daughter & family to a country where she would couldn't even speak the language. She stayed home with Alex when he refused daycare. She has battled illness before and is fighting it now. All in all, she is a miraculous woman and does NOT deserve this pain that she is in.

On a more happy note : I finally got over to the ASAC and picked up the errant diaper bag. First, I left said diaper bag at the La Leche meeting. Then I left it at the BabyWear meeting. Hopefully, I will get my act together and not leave it anywhere else where it is not easily accessible!!! The Diaper Free Baby meeting was interesting - not sure if I will attempt it any time soon, but I do understand the way it works. However, I noticed some wet spots on the couch as we were leaving.

Also at the meeting - Jamie the wrap fanatic! She helped me " wrap " Mila. It was interesting. She was nice and cozy while sleeping but the MOMENT she was awake, she started to SCREAM. She did NOT like the position.

However, in said diaper bag was my TS carrier. Chrystil and I were discussing the pros & cons of the TS 2.0 - buckle waist and shoulder straps. The pros, of course, are that it is MIGHTY easy to use - no worries about tying or loosening knots. Great for older children. However, one of the biggest cons is that because of the open side design and LACK of tie ability, there is no real way to snug an infant into the carrier - and that becomes a safety issue. Rolling up the bottom does help a great deal to bring the infant up into the proper position high on the chest. I prefer Mila to be just about kiss level - if I look down at her, I can kiss the top of her head. However, because of the open sides, once she was asleep, she kinda sagged into a ball.

For reasons I have been forbidden to discuss, I decided to try to "ruck" the shoulders instead of crossing them in the back. This would allow me to cross them in FRONT, thereby securing Mila in as if I had tied her, with two straps going across, negating any big gaps in the side. But I couldn't get the "rucked" shoulders to stay on. For reasons I have been forbidden to discuss, I also had the straps WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyy looser than I needed them... and then, it hit me!

I crossed the shoulders in back, and because the straps were insanely long, I also was able to cross them in front. Hence, the TS double cross! She is VERY securely in there, at EXACTLY the right height, with zero falling hazard. The *only* issue I see with this carry is that the shoulders do ride up a bit - however, with slightly wider straps <> that wouldn't matter at all.

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