Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Robby!

Before I get into Robby's birthday, a quick Boola update. Boola has been moved back to general care and seems to be much better. The docs are now saying it was likely machine error and not really a heart attack. In either case, she seems to be improving. THANK YOU GOD!

Yesterday, my first baby turned three. He's officially become a kid, in my eyes. I delight in him every day - from that first, happy " Good MORNING, mommy! I'm AWAKE! " to the " Come lay with me! " at bedtime, my day is filled with moments where I just stare at him and ask myself - I gave birth to that?Thats *my* son? Sometimes these are happy moments, like when he shushes his sister and kisses her to make her stop crying. ( Awwww ) And sometimes these are frustrated moments, like when he jumps off his windowsill for the 23974397 time after I've asked him not to ( Arggghhh! )

Friday night, Robby had his new little friends over. They had such a good time! The parents really got to enjoy some adult conversation while the kids played in Robby's room. They made SUCH A MESS!!! Robby was also gifted with an adorable Max doll with buttons, snaps, ties, etc. Its so soft! There were also bubbles in there... I have those hiding thank you very much!

I am such a sap sometimes - I really truly believe that kids cakes should be homemade with love whenever possible. At Robby's first birthday, the storebought cake was so terrible.. and the one I made " just for him " was eaten all up !!! His second birthday I spent HOURS making that cake and decorating it - my first double layer cake! This year, I was determined to do the same... and here is the comparision. And yes... I sat there and placed sprinkle pieces by hand. For an hour.

I will post more photos etc. later!

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