Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Being in Canada has been really hard. Even though I've lived here for 9 month or so, I had really only been able to make one friend - Chrystil. My one true Canadian friend.

Then we moved to Edmonton. And then I had Mila. And then I had pnumonia.

And then... It happened. I made a friend!

She shares my name and spells it right. She's got two boys and a girl ( who has a VERY sad medical condition, although it seems to be - knock wood- under control at the moment ). She uses the F word. She threatens to spank her children ( and like mine, they laugh ). She's normal!

I am thrilled to death to have a friend here, in no small part because my friends in Florida & PA do NOT call me anymore. I understand that I am far away. I understand that it costs $$$ to call here. I understand, for the most part, that they have other lives and other friends. But damnit, one sided friendships suck.

Robby loves his new friends. He adores them. We've been over there a few times and each time, he passes out in the car afterwards, head tilted to the side, snoring away. They play well together, although last time Robby gave the older child a black eye, and then recieved one himself. Funny how that works!

Mila doesn't care that I have new friends, LOL. She just cares that there are boobs involved.

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