Monday, August 10, 2009



Seriously, you'd think I'd be getting over the desire, no, the NEED to go out and buy more fabric. HAHAHAHAH.

I know a girl who'd love a quilt made from THIS.

THIS Michael Miller fabric is something I'm becoming more and more attached too. It might be my first no buy end purchase!

In other news -

I am selling GTUBE PADS for special needs kiddos. Please contact me if you need any - I am selling them AT COST + SHIPPING - I don't make anything extra on these when you count in gas to the fabric store, fabric cost, and gas to the post office. And if you can't pay at all, we'll work something out.

I finished up a UFO pair of pants yesterday that Mila wore the whole day. I was really proud of Hubster in remembering who they were originally for - right up until he rolled his eyes and said he read the blog. ( DUH moment! )

Shay's amazing. I love her. I'd love her if she wasn't amazing, but she is.

Coffe is a necessity of life. Get over it or get out of my way when I'm heading for the coffee pot. Someone once told me that coffee is the fuel of motherhood. So true. SO VERY TRUE.

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