Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day Two!

It was nice to come down to a clean house this morning. Tonight, I think I'm going to try to remember to set the coffee pot up ahead of time. I'm really proud of myself that I managed to actually do the dishes despite the exhaustion ( read : Mila got up super early, shayla got up super early, we spent a good portion of the day at Arie's house and we were all just.that.tired ). The fabric thing is #1 on my mind. I need to sew up what I've got but there are things that I'm just DYING to buy.

this calls my name for a raggy quilt - they don't even SHIP to Canada, I'm on a no buy, and I'd need enough of it to make it not worth the shipping but i WANT IT.

I've got flannel enough to make a few raggy quilts to list up in my shop, though, and I really feel drawn to try to make soemthing out of the hoards of fabric stored all over the house. Here are some projects that I'm going to be working on this week :

I find these are really popular and thoughtful mini gifts.

I'd like to make some potholders for gifts for the holidays this year.

This is an intriguing tutorial that might be helpful - DeeDee's favorite spot under the table next to the desk has a giant piece of fake pink sheepskin that is sadly disgusting at this point. Unfortunetly for Deedee, its not washable. I think a real " pet bed " is deserved at this point. I think that I'd use snaps though, for the polyfil opening so that I could unstuff it as necessary.

Did I mention my brother and his wife are expecting a GIRL? I think they are doing purple and sage as colors, which just totally tickles my fancy. I'm not sure what I've got " in stock " for them right now, so the baby sewing will need to commence next month. I have a cute little idea for them but shhhhhh! I'm thinking of doing something similar to this fabulous thing!

Also on my sewing list ( and some things I might be able to do )

Copy this diaper pattern, which is fast becoming my favorite diaper - but I've never make a pocket diaper before!

Make something like EC diapers. I'm pretty sure I could sell these, too.

THIS local store is selling a product I make already!

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