Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perpetually sleep deprived!

There has to be a point where all kids sleep, right?

Mila is napping like a PRO. Once she's down - which often takes only a few moments - she's out for a solid 2.5-3.5 hours. And she *needs* it. She simply can't get through the day without the nap .. she'll just pass out wherever she is, and stay asleep.

But nightime, OH HOLY GOD, our nighttimes are sucking. I don't really MIND, per se, that it often requires two of us and several trips to get her tucked into bed and sleeping. Robby used to do that too, so I don't really consider that abnormal.

But she's taken to waking every hour, or every half hour, screaming MAMA, MAMA over and over. She's eating enough during the day, and most of the time, she's not hungry and refuses the bottle. She merely wants to be held up for a few minutes so she can get back into her sleep session... only to wake up half an hour after being gently placed in her bed. ( This will be no easy feat as I get rounder and can't stand so close to the crib. ) Around 5:00am, Mila asks for a bottle, and then sleeps - PEACEFULLY - until two hours later when she's up for the day.

One day.. one day she'll sleep!

Today, we are going to a Sukot celebration at Ayala's house. Robby loves visiting people, and Mila will have a blast on their mini playground with their kids... It is kinda sucky that its during naptime though. Oh well... Mila slept in till 8:30 after being up half the night, so she'll make it till 3ish before falling asleep on the nearest semi - horizontal surface.

Oh, and thanks for all the congratulations... We're THRILLED.

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