Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Information

Okay... I know I kinda just blurted out my secret and left ya'll hanging without any more information.

YES, this was planned. YES, we were trying. YES, we know we're crazy, but we're also really happy to be able to complete our little family.

Baby is being referred to as Coco. For a while, we called it Coco the embryo, although technically Coco the embryo is now Cletus the Fetus. That's right... Coco is 7 weeks old, with a gestational date of 9 weeks, and a due date of May 25. That puts arrival sometime around the 11th of May.

Yes, Robby knows. No, Mila doesn't seem to understand. We've just begun telling people, so NO, you weren't the last to find out.

I feel disgusting most of the time. My OB didn't want to prescribe Zofran because of the lack of clinical trials. He instead prescribed DICLECTIN - the safest drug during pregnancy. Its also VERY sedating and not very effective. A friend of Alex's - Dr. Neurosurgeon - prescribed the Zofran for me. I feel MUCH better today!


Molly Beth said...

Congrats! I don't think your crazy, big families are a gift. I took Zofran my entire pregnancy with Cooper. I took it almost every single day, I would say at least 95% of the time. While I don't know if it contributed to any of his health problems, I do know he would have been worse off without it since I lost 10lbs before I started taking it. Glad you are getting some relief!

Vegbee said...

Congratulations! Very cool! You're almost done the super tired stage. Just think, in a few weeks you will probably be mere extremely tired :D

I did diclectin, btw, twice. I lost 25 lbs with my first pregnancy. So, yeah, not very effective stuff.

My MIL said she saw a heart babe named Mila on the news - I'm assuming it was your Mila. Unless there is more :0

Color Dynamic said...

Oddly, vegbee, no... wasn't mine! I don't ever remember her being on the news. How weird. I'm taking it wasn't yours?

GRANDPA said...