Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Doing okay!

Mila continues to do well. At 12, I switched her from continuous daytime to as wanted oral bottling. She took 100 mls and then promptly fell asleep. Its 2:15 and she's still sleeping. If she can tolerate 100 mls, though, thats FANTASTIC!!!! I don't see any issues during the daytime. We'll see how her nighttime goes - everyone's digestion slows at night. Obviously, most people aren't eating at night.

If we can get 400 mls in Mila during the day, and 400 at night... we'll be PEACHY to go home. The ped would like to see her at a rate of 50 overnight. That would allow her to get all her nighttime calories in just 8 hours - thats about how long she sleeps anyway.

I'm doing just fine, btw. I didn't expect to go home the next day because ofmy great friends at and at . I knew 24 hours would be very very rare in deed!


Raelynn said...

I hope she continues to do so awesome!! Go Mila!!

Patyrish said...

YEAH GOING home the day after a g tube is fast. Makily took at least a week or more.