Saturday, August 2, 2008

Basic Updates

Alex : Had a great sale yesterday! WHOOHOOO! We also had Cody & Lindsey over with baby Benjamin, who threw up all over his mommy repeatedly. Reminds me of the good old times with Robby. Baby puke has NOTHING on Mila's empty-the-whole-contents-of-stomach onto Mum's clean floor. In other Alex news : Cody's having a BBQ today, and its too cold to swim at inlaws for probably the rest of the month. More news : Alex had to wake up with Mila today, and do the dishes last night for making silly bets. I played a video game and beat him into his place. When the bets were off.... i lost miserably.

Robby : Decorated himself with orange marker. He wanted a tattoo. It was odd. Both palms, and both thighs. While I have one ( small ) tattoo, he's seen it maybe half a dozen times in the last half a dozen months. His counselors swear they didn't see him doing it. I wonder why they weren't paying attention? It obviously took him some time, as most of him is ORANGE. IN other Robby news : juice box fights! Fun, but very very messy when playing at the park. Makes little boys very sticky and in need of baths when they arrive home.

Mila : Sleeping through the night ( mostly ). Pulled out her tube the other day and it took me several tries to re-insert it. Pulled black goo out of her stomach, panicked, realized it was chocolate. Ooops! Ate most of a piece of sourdough toast this morning with Daddy. In other Mila news : Mila stood, arms wide out, in front of the door and demanded that I halt my egress into the hallway with definitive " No! No! " but giggled when Daddy removed her.

DeeDee : has recovered from her every hour pooping episode and is on a strict dry food only diet with zero table food. Immediately following this decree, a piece of ground beef the size of a pingpong ball shot out from the frying pain and landed, eerily, in her dish. She wolfed it all down. Niiiiice. Couldn't have managed that one if I had tried!

Myself : Slept till 8. Felt like I overslept and was more tired for it. Had a mommy fart and bought a beautiful table cloth for a patio set with umbrela. Not sure how that happened but its non returnable. Good thing it was clearance or I'd be pissed with myself. Sewing update : F*****K. Sewed a BEAUTIFUL green shatung satin dress with the bodice perfect... and the skirt inside out. Hand gathered and all. In my attempt to unpicked almost a yard of 5 thread serging, slit a hole in the skirt. F****K.

Other general news :

Upcoming appointments :
August 9th : Pre Admission Clinic
August 11th / 12th : PEG placement
with overnight stay.
Aug 13th - 15th : Nursing visits
to check stoma healing.
End of August : End of Camp
September : Allergist appointment
for Mila

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Grandpa happy-likes to hear good news.
Still wants to know about "bad" news.