Friday, July 4, 2008

Random Cuteness.

Robby is doing well at camp after the intial " I don't want to listen " issues. He is eating his lunch and behaving well as far as I know. There is no battle to get him to go into camp the same way there was last year. Yesterday, the kids went to Safeway and brought home entire BOXES of cookies! OMG! Who NEEDS that in the house? Thankfully, they are crunchy maple flavoured with bright red sugar. Not something that appeals to me, thank god. The peanut butter cookies that I snuck into the house the other day? I threw them out last night. Robby didn't like them but I most certainly did!

When we were at the park, we came across this mother duck and her babies. I believe there were seven kidlets, and Mommy duck kept them quite safe, chasing off a muskrat ( we think thats what it is ) and other ducks to battle for the bread we bought... She was so busy chasing other ducks off that she barely got any bread though! The babies were adorable, and when they stretched out in a line behind her, even Robby went Awwww. I'm afraid M didn't have such a good time watching as I would NOT let her down by the water... besides, Mila was eating the old bread. Ew!

For his birthday, Robby got two super soakers and it hasn't been warm enough to use them. Well, its surely warm enough now and daddy showed him how. What a hit! He's not quite strong enough to pump AND pull the trigger, so he got quite a bit wetter than Daddy. He was SO EXCITED! He professed a dislike for the ultra cold water Daddy had in his watergun... Can't say I blame him there!

Isn't Mila's shirt CUTE? Its spf 50 - no more slathering her chest with chemical sunblock to keep her scar from the sun. Its nice and cool, dries super duper quickly, and its cute. She's cute! She LOVES the park. We go down a very very twisty turny road to get there, and Robby has taken to saying Wheeeeeeee as we go around the curves... And now, so does Mila. What a copy cat!

Here is the dog right after her bath. Pardon the way I look, its +33 in the house during the day!

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GRANDPA said...

Hi Honey;
Re "heat" do you have a fan?
For window or for door to balcony or door to hall.
Of course,there is the "aroma" problem.