Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to Be a Worry Wort

How to be a worry wort, by yours truly - Mom of the Year

Step 1 - Waffle back and forth uncertainly on whether or not your child is actually sick or merely completely spoiled.

Step 2 - Decide ( again ) based on overwhelming evidence, that yes, said child is spoiled, but does have a basis of being " sick " ( reflux, DGE, food aversion, and healing heart defect ) and therefore, is not completely at fault for not eating.

Step 3 - Waffle back and forth on whether the risks of gtube surgery are easier to accept then shoving a small yellow tube into the nose of a small screaming child.

Step 4 - Blanch completely white when Hubster mentions that it is time to change the tube before it leaks all over us ( again ).

Step 5 - Remember with absolute clarity how horrible insertion is on everyone and decide ( again ) based on overwhelming evidence that ANYTHING is better than having to deliberately and repeatedly torture small, sick child, even for their own benefit.

Step 6 - Force hubby to repeatedly go over the if ands or butts of the appointment, despite the fact that this has NOT shown to be effective in getting Hubster to keep quiet OR stay on topic.

Step 7 - Develope a stomach ache thinking about surgery for small child, and the new tube that will be drilled into her body.

Step 8 - Force hubby to go over possible responses to normal GI questioning ( again. )

Step 9 - Yell at Hubby for laughing at possible over mothering of small child.

Step 10- Change a dirty diaper that does not so much resemble poo as much as toxic waste with radioactive fumes that may destroy the world, and has already destroyed my will to eat breakfast.

Step 11 - Force hubby to go over every possible track the GI might possibly go down. Again. Does she need this med? Does she need that med?

Step 12 - Fume when Hubster decides that 238479347 times going over this is NOT GOING TO HELP.

Step 13 - Decide Hubster is right.

Step 14 - Shift gears and worry instead about weight gain.

Step 15 - Question Hubster repeatedly on small child's lack of body fat versus height.

Step 16 - Pout mightily when Hubster refuses to accomodate my concerns.

Step 17 - Realize that the GI appointment is not for another six hours.

Step 18 - Decide six hours is not enough time to complete preperations.

Step 19 - Meticulously write out every question for GI on an index card.

Step 20 - Force Hubster to review list.

Step 21 - Rewrite list in order of importance.

Step 22 - Rewrite list rather than let hubby add soemthing to the bottom.

Step 23 - Rewrite list again.

Step 24 - Search internet for possible reasons why child isn't eating. Again.

Step 25 - Question small child on lack of eating.

Step 26 - Take childs lack of response as a personal insult.

Step 27 - Worry that small child is behind on talking skills.

Step 28 - Eat breakfast and realize there is still five hours and fifty five minutes before appointment.


Michelle said...

Just sending some love and hugs via the internet!! Wanted you to know I was thinking of you guys. I've been making myself scarce on the reflux scene....I'm at the point on the worry wort list where denying my small child's eating problems *might* make them miraculously disappear. :) Tried to catch you on msn today, but you weren't on. Talk to you soon. HUGS.

Vegbee said...

oh goodness, I feel for you! You've got a lot going on now - don't worrying about worrying too much. Hugs to you and the little one.

liz.mccarthy said...

OK, I have to say...You will be sooooooooo incredibly happy to go the gtube route. and say to yourself, why in the world didn't I do it earlier? It's night and day better than an NG tube, and youll get to look at a beautiful tubeless face, which is worth it for your heart!

Only 2 suggestions pre surgery:
1. What type of surgery are they going to do? ours was inserted with general ped surgeons (I called our NICU doc and asked which way he'd have it done, he said, that way, (I think GI docs can do it too, but it's (according to our NICU doc) not as accurate in placement as the gen surgeon doing it). K has a tiny scar near her belly button. Of course when the button comes out she'll have a scar there too, but that's it.

2. Go directly with a Mic-key button right off the start. Some put in a bard button and then switch to a mic-key in a month or 2, no idea why, we did mic-key when Kaitlyn was months old and haven't had a single problem with it!

The HARDEST part is seeing them put your child under...I don't know if I'd recommend it, it brings you right back to the NICU and you'll literally practically have a much as you want to be with them, I personally would suggest not being there and let your husband be there for that part...

Patyrish said...

Oh how I feel your pain. We too go over and over and over the pro's and cons of EVERY surgery Makily has had. I do the list of questions too and the doctors chuckle when I pull it out.