Thursday, July 10, 2008

More on Sleep

Well, I totally, totally jinxed myself yesterday by posting how I was awake too early.

Today, I woke up at 7:59 - exactly 31 minutes to be out the door.

Oh, crap.

Mornings are so hectic right now. Thank goodness Alex had walked the dog because I certainly didn't have time, and the dog will not / cannot hold it.

In the space of 31 minutes :

Wake Robby.
Wake Mila.
Unhook Mila.
Wake Robby again and find him clothes.
Help him change.
Decide M can go in her pjs.
Turn on Bo on the Go!! for kids to watch.
Make Robby's lunch ( Cheese sandwich cut into a person shape, applesauce, fruit bar, two chocolate eggs, spoon, juice box ).
Give Robby a cereal bar and yogurt for breakfast.
Remind him 6 times to take a bite of yogurt.
Remind him 9 times to take a bite of cereal bar.
Find keys, purse, backpack, hat, sunglasses.
Unload forgotten wet towel from bag from yesterday.
Hang wet towel from chair.
Grab self a granola bar for breakfast.
Get Mila into MT.
Find Robby's sandals.
Get Robby into sandals and hat.
Find a sweater for Robby just in case.
Search for M's hat, decide she doesn't need one.
Find dog ( with Alex ).
Usher two kids down the stairs and into the car.
Buckle three seatbelts, back out of the extremely narrow parking stall.
Quickly drive to Y, all while explaining to Robby that I didn't bring him a granola bar today because he hasnt' been eating his sandwich. If he eats his sandwich, he can have a granola bar tomorrow.
Remind Robby that he goes to Sophia's tonight while I go to meet another tube feeding mama.
Unbuckle two kids, remembering to grab hat and backpack, sweater, and keys.
Get M into MT.
Get Robby into his group, and signed in by 8:33.

I rock.

Right up until someone mentioned going to the wading pools today.

Oh, crap..... No towel, no shorts, no swimming trunks.

Hope he has a good time anyway.

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Patyrish said...

Mornings are insane here too but not so bad since school is out.

Sounds like yours are CRAZY!