Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Like A Trained Dog..

Six am. The sun in shining. The world outside is just beginning to stir. Both the children are quietly resting, still aslep. My husband, curled into the pillows, hasn't stirred. Even the dog has found a patch of sun in which to sleep.

Why the heck am I awake?

My husband has an AMAZING ability to LOOK at a pillow and fall right to sleep. Instantly. Unless the temperature is above 30* inside the house, he can sleep. On the sofa. In a chair. In the bed. As long as he is semi horizontal, he's DONE.

Obviously, this was a talent that I am sorely lacking. I cannot command myself to sleep. I can barely take a *nap* when I am exhausted, often trudging down the stairs more grumpy than I began!

My body has adjusted to waking up at 6am with the dog or a child. In 13 minutes ( which would truly by 7am, now that I've been awake ), I will start making lunch for Robby. I will set up the coffee pot, walk the dog, and likely - unload the dishwasher.

No wonder I am in bed by 9.


Jessica said...

I have the same sleep problem you do. It takes me forever and a day to pass out finally. Now, MY DH just like yours sleeps anywhere.

I hope you get to crash soon.


Patyrish said...

MY DH is the same way. He can fall asleep sitting up and even mid-conversation.

I am almost embarrased to admit that he once fell asleep while playing a video game with a buddy of his. He actually continued playing but was SNORING! NOW THAT'S WANTING TO PLAY A STUPID VIDEO GAME! LOLOLOL

I toss and turn alot myself because I just havent figured out how to turn off my mind if I have a lot going on. If you figure it out let me know.