Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful WEather

Dee Dee is fitting into the family wonderfully, aside from the notion she has that OUR bed is HER bed and that MY pillow is really HER pillow. Sorry, pooch, but you are WRONG! She follows us around and barks at strange noises ( which is rare ) and loves to go in the car. She's not fond of being in the CAGE in the car, but the car itself? Divine!

Mila is on a total eating strike and is being tubed nearly 100%. Sucky, but better now than before. No false hopes anymore. The girl isn't gonna eat, so we'll deal with this the best we can and do what we think is right.

Robby starts camp on Monday. I hope he eats his lunch there - last year at Chabad, he refused to eat at all! I'm hoping that since *I* will send his lunch, he'll eat some! His first lunch will be pretty easy - cream cheese sandwhich, cheese birdie, applesauce, fruit bar, and carrots & dip. That should do it for his snack, too! I have to pick him up a kids waterbottle though. And maybe a bigger backpack?

With all the nice weather, the kids are getting lots of outside time... YEAH for outside time!

One of our neighbors ( or several ) are serious pot smokers. At night, the smell of burning marijuana wafts through the open window and gags me half to death. Makes for very hot nights with no airflow, since the smell nauseates me. Robby has commented on it a few times. I keep trying to tell him its a yucky smell but I think that he disagrees!

Not much else happening. Monday is weigh in.. and since I got into my skinny jeans, I am hoping to be UNDER 165.


Cathleen said...

Hee hee...the wafting pot smoke could be the reason the kids were sleeping so well LOL

GRANDPA said...

What is Dee Dee chewing on? I hope it's not bones or rawhide.