Saturday, March 22, 2008


I am on a ROLLLLLL baby!

I'm eating salad. In a cleaaaaaaan house!

Its so nice to come downstairs and not trip over a toy, step on a lego, or spill coffee grounds while trying to hold Mila and make coffee. My sink is clean and shiny, I do not smell dirty dishes, and the counter is free and clear.

The lack of crap is practically orgasmic. Who knew one could derive so much pleasure from not falling over discarded toys while walking down a flight of neck breakingly steep stairs? 15 minutes in the morning, around an hour later in the day, and some very very tiring 15 minutes just before bed. That last pickup is the hardest - I don't actually WANT to put all the crap away, but if I don't, it WILL be there in the morning. And thats when I really, really don't want to see crap.

Robby had a blast at the Purim party Thursday night. We'd had a playdate earlier in the day - I forgot my camera. Mila was bopping around in the ball pit, shrieking with laughter, and I had no camera to record it. Of course. Because I cannot ever have the camera at the right moment. ( Disclaimer for credibility : I had the camera. But it had no memory card and no battery. ) Anyway, we went home for a few hours for nap before the purim party started, and then got to try out our new Kangaroo PET pump walking around. Not one single flow error! Today, I'mma try it in the CAR!

Robby had his face painted like spiderman at the party. OMG you would have thought the world was ENDING when it was time to wash it off. After playing at galaxyland, then running around like, well, spiderman at the party, Robby was just exhausted at 11:30pm when we headed home. But his skin is very delicate and I didn't really want spiderman on his pillowcase, so it had to come off. I explained to him that he'd get pimples ( and he would ) if he didn't take it off. And wouldn't you know it, he DID have some irritation under the paint. He FREAKED OUT when he saw the red spots because THE PIMPLES WERE GOING TO GROW AND EAT HIS FACE AND THEY'LL NEVER GO AWAY AND HIS HEAD WILL JUST EXPLODE WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Needless to say, he was asleep before I got to kiss him goodnight. He was THAT tired.

Yesterday, I washed my floor. Again. Actually, I washed my floor three times in two days. No, I'm not turning into a germaphobe. I am trying to keep the floor washed well to avoid M putting stuffin her mouth ( Melba Toast Crumbs, Anyone? ) that isn't really food worthy anymore. The moment I finished mopping the floor - it was still damp, for crying out loud - she puked on it.

I hate mopping.

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