Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing New!

Everything is on a positive upswing, here at Casa De Kagan. M continues to be a bratty little girl who occasionally eats but generally not. Her sleep has deteriorated somewhat, as she's waking up a few times a night. I don't know if her Zantac dose needs to be higher based on weight - she's gained a ton of weight! According to the last home visit, she weighed exactlly 19 pounds. What a blessing! I am soooo happy that my skinny chicken now has legs that slightly resember turkey thighs!

Robby is a maniac. He's developed three very nasty habits that Hubby and I are trying - desperately - to break him of without beating him into submission.

1 ) He wiggles his tongue back and forth in his mouth constantly. It makes him look like he is very low function mentally. He does it unconciously, but its driving us crazy. It looks TERRIBLE and there is NO reason for it. I've checked his teeth and tongue and there is no irritation there, so he shouldn't be doing this. Our treatment : fingerbop on the cheek and a stern " DON"T DO THAT!!! " We've explained how silly it looks, but he says he doesn't mind looking silly.

2 ) Pointing frantically to what he wants rather than using his words. Despite REPEATEDLY telling him " I don't understand that! ", he continues to mime his wants out to us rather than actually open his mouth to speak. Odd, considering that usually we cannot get him to shut up for two seconds at a time! Our treatment : Ignoring his " requests " until they become verbal.

3 ) Bargaining & Backtalk : I won't even go into this, other than NO YOU CANNOT HAVE FIVE MORE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to get back on the Flylady wagong ( ) and using my lists to keep up with the house. Last night, I even set up the coffee pot so it could just have a quick switch on - easy to do with a screaming child. ( I am also a little tired of coffee grounds on the counter... )

I've continued on the Salad EAting Quest and I am definetely doing well. I think I have had salad every single day since the 14th. Thats 8 days of salad, baby! Sometimes TWO salads a DAY! I am on a roooooooollllllllllll and I'm going to be at least 5 pounds lighter by shorts weather. In August. Becuase IT WON"T BE WARM TILL THEN!

Happy first day of spring!

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Big Fishy said...

Sounds like Robby's pointing is mimicing Mila