Monday, March 17, 2008

Nothing Cuter

I think there is nothing, nothing cuter than the sight of my two children snuggling. I wish I could capture it more often on film, but alas, it is nearly always followed by screams and struggling. If only I could duct tape them there.

The salad quest is going well. I had a big salad friday, TWO salads saturday, and lots of salad last night - both caesar salad and a coleslaw type salad that my MIL makes that was delicious. Along with a bowl of cereal at night, I'm doing really really well. Oh, and judicious amounts of coffee to get me through the rough spots.

M threw up her tube today - she also threw up on my inlaws carpeting last night - sorry! The puking is getting to me a bit... I do NOT WANT her throwing up so much! I hate it! its driving me CRAAAAAAAZZZY.

Hopefully today, I get my new diaper bag. A new diaper bag? What? I thought the days of needed an extra outfit, extra diapers, and lots of supplies were gone along with that panicky new mother feeling. I was wrong! When you have a tube feeder, the amount of supplies you need is nearly endless! Why, you need the normal, requisite number of diapers, except you really need twice that because the baby is on Lasix and will randomly soak her entire diaper in 5 minutes... And then you need wipes cause the super digestible formula, how shall we put it... runs right through her.... And then you need a bottle that has a flat cap, and a 60 CC syringe, and a 10ml syringe, and a can of formula. Oh, and a bottle of water for flushing. And duoderm, tegaderm, cavalon wipes, all kare wipes, tender grip circles, and extra NG tube, a roll of cloth tape, and several little zip top baggies. And an extra outfit. And extra socks. For both kids in case of puddles. And soon it will be summer which means a hat for each kid, sunblock, and bug spray. And bandaids. Add all that to the requisite mommy & big brother items - a snack, juice box, sunglasses for both of us, my wallet & planner, cell phone, keys, and hopefully a makeup tote, and all of a sudden, I am looking at six bags instead of one. Oh yeah, and god forbid we want to go out for a few hours, and then I need the pump, and a feeding bag, and tape to tape the bag up..........

So I am getting a Skip Hop Duo bag...Oh how I long for this bag.

Room to put everything. Maybe even room for the pump in its carry case. OOOOHHH how I WANT THIS BAG. Alex is supposedly out buying it for me, right now.

Alex is also going to the bank, the post office, getting an oil change, AND taking Robby to see Horton Hears A Who. Hopefully, by the time he gets back, I will have cleaned up the house, finished this blog entry, had the nurse come and weigh M and put her tube in, called and made an appointment with the dietician & feeding team, AND made an appointment to pick up our new pump :-) Since the stupid thing HATES being even 1* off!

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Anonymous said...

i've heard this bag is great...i know lots of people like to use it for cloth diapers because it is so big so i'd imagine it will be fantastic for all the stuff you need to tote around...but i think you forgot to mention the kitchen sink? so which print did you get?