Saturday, March 15, 2008

A few quick pictures...

Since M threw up her tube last night, I took the opportunity to give her a real good, soaking in the tub bath. I hestitate to do that while she has the tube taped to her cheek because I don't want the tape loosening, and I think it would be irritating to the skin to have a damp mound of tape there for a few hours... and if water gets under the duoderm, she could possibly grow an infection there too... I think... I don't really have any idea.

M took well over an hour to fall asleep for nap - and when she finally did, it was with her arms totally outstretched on her pillow, like she was trying to give it a hug... It was soooooo cute. And yes... After an HOUR, I was STILL willing to risk her waking up for this picture. It was that cute.

And I had another salad for lunch. I'm trying to make my lunches pretty - I'd love to get bento boxes, but until I can, I'll make do with artfully arranged salads.


Raelynn said...

yummy salad!!

Anonymous said...

that is a really cute picture!