Saturday, December 8, 2007

Trying harder!

Hey, loyal blogland readers... I'm trying so hard to be more frequent with the updates. I'm updating from work right now...

Everything is well here. Except the house. The house is a bona fide disaster. I'm so tired of working my tush off to clean it. Won't someone out there just... buy me a maid? Three times a week would suffice, though 4 or 5 times would be even better... I'd even settle for 1x a week?

I've been attempting to clean up more when I get home from work. Of course, the problem with this is fairly easy - Robby has very very delicate skin that isn't doing well in the super dry air. He needs a bath with moisturizing soap followed by lotion EVERY NIGHT to make sure that his skin doesn't chap and crack. The poor little folds under his tush, and his calves & ankles go first. It makes him very uncomfortable, so its really a priority every night. I throw Mila into the bath with him, and its a rather hectic half hour. While the kids are in the bath, I swish & swipe ( ) the bathroom, but I won't leave the room. After Mila comes out, she bounces in the Jolly Jumper for a few minutes while I attempt to fold laundry.

It makes for a very tiring evening. Mornings aren't any better right now. I pack EVERYONE's lunch. Well, to be honest, right now, I pack for Mila, for Robby, and for myself. Starting tomorrow, I'll be packing for Alex too. I've lost close to 10lbs already, so I KNOW I'm doing the right thing, but I don't actually ENJOY getting up 1/2 an hour early to make food. And we take a LOT of food... Robby gets a string cheese, a yogurt, a pudding, a cream cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets, a fruit bar, and a fruit cup. Mila gets a jar of food, a sip cup of juice, and some finger snacks. I take a soup, bread & butter or hummus, a salad, a power bar, and occasionally, a cookie. Then I bring 2 bottles of water, chocolate milk, and juice for Robby. Usually, the lunch bag goes home empty!!!

Mila is still cruising around the furniture, but not freestanding yet. Robby is enjoying playing at the gym, though I think he needs more sleep. Alex is working like a dog.

Busy, busy life.


Big Fishy said...

A maid for your apartment??
Who do you think you are?Your Mother!!!!!!!!!??

Big Fishy said...

Sorry; forgot to give the WPB current temp!!