Thursday, December 13, 2007

Puke Fest!

Its been a lovely few days!

It started with a girl coming into the centre who hadn't been well... I sent her home with a fever. After work, we headed to the food court cause I was starving! I grabbed my food, paid for it, and turned around to head upstairs...

Mila starts gagging and pukes and pukes. Down my shirt, onto the floor, over and over. And since I had her tied into the MT, I had to lean over and tilt to one side so she could puke on the floor and breathe. It went on and one for so long that someone came and took my McDonalds and Robby over to the bench to wait! She just heaved and heaved, poor thing.

Not exactly my shining hour, see?

We go upstairs and I share my drink with Robby. Then he starts puking. Everywhere. Repeatedly. I zipped over to the washroom, cleaned him up, put him in a blanket, and ran to Zellers since both kids needed new clothes at this point. I bought two pairs of pjs and brought the kids back to the centre to change them. And Robby starts puking in the stroller. And on the floor. I cleaned him up again and got him changed while Alex got Mila changed.

I'm beginning to see a theme here....

Robby gets home, and starts yarfing onto the kitchen floor. No big deal. Cleaned that up and gave him a bowl, which he filled promptly. AT least it was in the bowl. Then Mila starts heaving and I run her to the sink cause I'd WAY rather she puke where I can wash it. ( I have a distaste for being puked on ). I send Robby to bed and Mila to bed.

Robby wakes up with a fever and is terribly thirsty. But I can't let him guzzle because he'll puke. DAmn. So I fill him up a sip cup and he drinks and goes back to sleep. Then Mila gets up. She's running a fever too! I put her back to bed. Robby gets up again. Mila starts to cry, and Alex turns green and runs for the washroom.

See where this is going?

I guess the random stomach and headache this weekend was a virus that didn't bother me that much. Alex is down for the count and Mila is dehydrating. Mila's temp is 101.2 ( 38.4 ) and Alex is 102 ( 38.8 ).

Good times, I tell you, good times!


rae_of_hope said...

oiy, you poor things...feel better - all of you!

Raelynn said...

Aww you poor guys! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!