Sunday, December 23, 2007

A small, sad vent

Mila was weighed Friday at the Ped and she has lost more weight. It bothers me so much. I am so tired of the fighting about it. Alex won't admit it but I think it scares him. He's all macho " She's fine, she'll just be little. " While I understand that she really will just be a thin girl, in all likelihood, it worries me at how skinny she has become. You can see and feel all her ribs. Her face is thin. Her arms are like little toothpicks. She’s a plucked chicken, for crying out loud.

It is not that I want the doctors to admit her and put in a feeding tube. Its not that at all. But I do want to figure out why she isn’t eating more, and why she doesn’t seem to be doing as well at the whole “ eating to live “ thing as other children. Other babies eat finger foods by now. Hell, most of them are practically ready to be on whole milk and no purees at all, and I can’t get Mila to eat ANYTHING off a spoon. Not delicious sweet vanilla yogurt, creamy and cool. Not spicy Spanish chicken, or chunks of potato, or cinnamon apple cereal. Nothing. She just will not eat for me. It rather heartens me that she won’t eat for anyone else, either. I’d hate it if she ate for others and not for me. I’d rather she just ate for everyone!

Robby is recovering from the stomach flu very very slowly. He’s lost some weight too, but I’m not at all concerned about him. At last check, he was 34 lbs 8 oz, which puts HIM at the 50%. That’s a great, normal, average number.

Work is still doing okay… I screwed up ROYALLY for Big Yellow Gym’s advertisement – I got BOTH addresses wrong. Big Boss Man hates my January design, which I will attempt to redo tonight, along with corrections for the February design and the Promo Folder from hell.

Alex is wrapping up Holiday Season at the gallery. Coworker is on vacation, so he’s working 6 days a week, but only 10-6 instead of 12-9. I much prefer the 10-6 shift for him.

I baked two sets of cookies, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip. Now to give them out and get in the holiday mood.

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