Monday, August 13, 2007

I was right!

I was right! I headed to the Medicenter at 3:00 yesterday and was out by 4:00 - absolutely unheard of here in Edmonton! And on a SUNDAY to boot! The doc took one look and said " Strep. Bad. And the nurse recorded your temp at 39.2. Here is a mega dose of penicillan for 10 days." When I asked about a strep test, he said it was unnecessary: strep is going around, I have zero congestion & coughing, and my throat could be the picture in the book for strep. As it stood, he explained to me, his ability to cure me would rest on whether it was viral or bacterial, and the super fast onset with lack of cold symptoms said bacterial. And did I really want to wait for a strep test? It would be Tuesday or Wednesday before they got the results.....

HELL NO I didn't want to wait. I grabbed the penicillan, came home, took one, and stayed in bed for hours. I made Alex get me some ice cream and tea. I even made him tuck me in. I took a penicillan as soon as I got the RX filled, then another at midnight, and one at six am. And I am already feeling better. THANK GOD. All I could think of was trying to comfort Mila during her upper GI or having to reschedule it. And neither of those options was acceptable to me!

Talking about god, Alex meets with Rabbi Ari today. If my conversion papers aren't up to par, Alex and I will be switching synagogues immeadiatly. There is no reason in the world that RAbbi Ari needs to delve that deeply into them, and if he finds a problem, it will honestly be HIS loss. Alex and I are not religious, and we do not need to prove I am Jewish for any other reason than Robby's schooling. Alex is already talking about how he'll tell the Rabbi we are leaving Chabad if Ari says ONE WORD about my conversion. Gotta love the Alex :-)

So far, Robby & Mila seem to have escaped getting sick. I am hoping it stays that way!

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