Monday, July 30, 2007

Edmonton Weather

The weather here in Edmonton continues to astound me - I really had no idea it could be this hot here! Several days its hit about 35* - better than 90*F!!! It doesn't bother me TOO much because there is very little humidity to go along with it. Every night, we have some spectacular thunderstorms. And then I get rained on, until I close the window.... Which isn't that bad except that the window opens from the other side....

Mila is doing good again with the formula but she is starting to spit up some more and has been coughing and gagging QUITE a bit. Alex says he doesn't hear it but I think thats rather an auditory issue :-) As you can tell from the photos, she is packing on the weight finally!!! When I had her weighed Friday, she was up 5 ounces. YIPPPEE!!!!!!!!!

Robby is still seriously enjoying camp :-) We have a very unique opportunity to send him to a great preschool... It has a very " low " ratio of students to teachers ( 5 : 1 ) and he already knows a few of the children and the teachers. We are considering it carefully - it is a very orthodox school and <> we simply aren't that religious... But its a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel it would really be good for him!

As for *me* ( I know I don't blog ** that ** much about myself ), I'm doing gooooood. The weight watchers isn't really a fantastic success, but I am trying. I am attempting to meet other moms and have had several playdates. A special thanks to Raelynn, whose daughter recieved the pink MT.... She gave me EIGHT cans of formula all together for Mila! I certainly turned a profit, even though the MT had some huge mistakes... I hope she enjoyed it anyway.

Alex and his parents are doing well and we frequent their pool as much as possible. Boola seems to be very chipper and mobile and Boola #2 is wonderful as well.

All in all, things are looking good. After some vacuuming, I'm hoping to get some pictures of the new place up.


GRANDPA said...

These grandkids of mine just keep getting better looking every day.
Obviously mine genes.

GRANDPA said...

That's MY (I'm not German)

dead-blog said...

prairie summers are the best kind. Hot and not often humid. It's apparently nice weather in Alberta than it is in Saskatchewan (where I grew up), so there ya go.