Friday, July 27, 2007

Doing good....

Things are settling down into a routine here at Casa De Kagan. Its been determined that I am much less of a bitch when I get to bed before midnight, therefore getting closer to 7 hours of sleep rather than 4 or 5. In fact, Wednesday, I crashed at 8:30. I don't think I even woke up when Alex came home. I certainly didn't cook him any dinner, for which I actually feel guilty! But when he told me the next morning that I was in a great mood, I agreed. So early bedtime for me!

Mila continues to be cuter than heck. She's not eating *quite* so well again - closer to 17 -20 ounces. I can hear her refluxing and now that she often takes 4 oz, she's beginning to spit up a bit after each bottle. Most of the time she merely looks concerned, but once and a while it must hurt her because she starts to cry or arch. The doctors office has scheduled the Upper GI Series and I am hoping that her weight gain does not mean that she no longer needs it. I really want this test done.

Robby is enjoying camp again. I happened to have seen his teacher yesterday while picking him up - his afternoon counselor is the morning teacher's daughter. She told me that he was SO well behaved. He ratted himself out and told me he didn't eat his lunch - it was mac n cheese. ( Robby has always hated mac n cheese. After a forcing him to eat a few bites, and then having it gagged down as if it was poison, we decided that maybe he really truly just didn't like it. ). Then his teacher told me " Thats not true. He did eat a few bites even though he said he didn't like it. " I was so proud. So so proud.

We did get the black dress and I'm trying hard to stick somewhat to WW in order to lose the 5 lbs the dress really requires. Wish me luck!

I also made a child sized mei tai for a friends daughter. Its her birthday and she reaaaaaaaaaally wanted one, but Mom's sewing maching was broken. It was great practice before I make my own, which may happen tomorrow. Here are my fabric choices, and the pink satin MT.


Big Fishy said...

I thought mei tai was a drink with a parasol in it.

Anonymous said...

i found your blog through the next blog button and i just want to say that with those fabric choices, i would make 2 mei with the copper fabric with black straps and the other with the pinkish fabric with natural straps...they would look so awesome and then you would have one to match whatever you are wearing! don't know if that matters to you or not the kids size one is awesome...i just might have to try that for my daughter...

oh, and your kids are crazy cute! your little girl is just adorable with her big eyes!

from a random stranger in edmonton