Saturday, June 2, 2007

Insert Cute Title here

A few pictures of Robby. Isn't he wonderful???? He's got quite the sunrash -heat rash from being at the park so much the last few days. HOwever, its been awsome getting out of the house. It was VERY hot this week - +30* or higher each day, and today it got up to 37*! We didn't head to the park today because of the rash ... I decided to let it heal for a bit before spraying it with more sunscreen and bugspray. And be VERY thankful for these photos - I had to chase him around the park to get them!

Thank you to Grandma who bought Mila this adorable dress. Its coming in VERY handy in this warm weather! I also went and bought mila a sunbonnet, pictures of which will likely be coming in the next post or so.
Please bear with us as we will not be home for the next several days while we travel to Calgary. I am a little nervous about driving the 3 hours with Mila, but hopefully she'll sleep and not require us to stop too many times.

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